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Stay on top of the financial markets with real time data. From trading signals to market pulse news. Data analysed and delivered at your fingertips.

Automatic portfolio builder

Your portfolio. Your decision. But what decision? No matter your experience level, build in just minutes a solid cryptocurrency portfolio.

Personal Trade Suggestions

Custom made Actionale Tradable Suggestions (ATS) help you calibrate your positions while suggesting the right trading moves. Maximize gains. Minimize losses.

Debit Card

Your money flow with you. Pay with ease online or in-store. Withdraw cash at any ATM supported by the card issuer.

Alpha AI Assistant to boost your APY up to 30%

Low Fees

AI Advisor

Low Fees

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What Is ALFA?

Follow these steps

1. Install MetaMask

On a desktop browser install the MetaMask wallet extension from

2. Buy BNB.

You can buy BNB on Metamask or via most exchanges.

3. Trade BNB for ALFA

Visit ALFAPOCKET.COM, connect your Metamask wallet & trade your BNB for ALFA. (always leave some BNB in your wallet to cover gas fees).



Contract Address: 0xc080adf0a40a38ffe05834174b8883e60eaff3f3



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